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Order The Lost Valentine Now (pub 9/30/2020)

Posted on June 12, 2020 at 12:55 PM

I'm allowing the last book in the Carol Karuso Mystery Trilogy to be ordered now on the publisher sites that allow preorders. It will be published on all sites (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple) by 9/30/2020. I hope you enjoy the final book set in Couper, Washington.

Below is a draft blurb for the book:

Carol Karuso is making sweeping changes to her life. She’s finally divorcing a husband that refuses to stay dead, and she’s giving up all hope of becoming a private investigator. Time to move on.

Then her best friend, Matty Cruz, returns unexpectedly to Couper, Washington. During her short stint in Europe, she’s somehow managed to get on the bad side of the Albanian Mafia and she needs a place to hide. Ah, Matty, You can take the woman out of Couper …

Carol does her best, but Matty refuses to lie low. Instead she starts digging into the shady practices of a retirement home and pushes Carol to partner with an arrogant private detective in search of a woman that promises love to many a lonely, old man, but, instead, empties their bank accounts.

If you fancy thrilling mysteries, especially those that include a beautiful, redheaded detective with bad habits but endless determination, colorful characters, dark villains, and more than a dash of humor, murder and mayhem, you’ll love this final book.

Buy The Lost Valentine today and say good-bye to your favorite characters from the Matty Cruz Adventure Series and the Carol Karuso Mystery Trilogy.


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