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Carol Karuso Mysteries 

"This is a great mystery with excellent characters ."

"Carol Karuso is a terrific character." 

"The pace is fast, the characters complex."

--comments from readers
If you fancy thrilling mysteries, especially those that include a beautiful, redheaded detective with bad habits but endless determination, colorful characters, dark villains, and more than a dash of humor, murder and mayhem, you’ll love the Carol Karuso Mystery Trilogy. You'll also see what happens in Couper after the Matty Cruz Adventure series ends.
Book 2
Carol Karuso helps a daughter look for her missing father, who is an ex-boyfriend of Carol's.

Book I

Carol Karuso looks for a woman who's been gone twenty years, but someone will do anything to stop her.

Previously titled Fallen Angel.

Book 3 coming in 2019

Carol Karuso hunts for a woman who swindled a helpless, old man, while someone hunts for her and her best friend.


Matty Cruz Adventures

"I loved all the characters and the plots were awesome! Loved the series."

"This is a cozy mystery that is strong on suspense."

"This is a thrilling mystery and a bit of a character study to boot. I will gladly recommend it to all mystery lovers." 

--comments from readers  

If you have a taste for cozy mystery series with a criminal edge, especially those told with a dash of humor and fun, and include a smart, brave heroine who must quickly reinvent herself—or else—a cute dog, quirky, colorful characters, and dark villains, you’ll love R. Marquez’s slightly skewed version of the Pacific Northwest.
The first three books are 99 cents each.

When Matty Cruz is forced to retire early, she moves to crime-ridden Couper, WA.

Matty tries to help her new friend, Sam Bester, prove he is innocent of murder. But is he?

Matty becomes fast friends with Carol Karuso, but then she discovers the woman's deadly past.

Box set of the first three books.

Think you know everything about the people in Couper, WA? Not until you read this.

Matty thinks she's made friends in Couper, WA, but can she trust any of them?

Sam Bester is a man of deadly secrets, and Matty 

risks her life to find  what those


Matty & Carol journey into their pasts, while Sam must 

choose what or who is the most

important to him. 


R. MARQUEZ resides in the Pacific Northwest, a place that inspired her to create the fictional, crime-ridden city of Couper, Washington, located across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. It's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

Though, she has finished the Matty Cruz Adventure series, she has continued to chronicle the lives of her Couperite characters in the Carol Karuso Mystery series.

R. Marquez’s short stories have been published in various magazines.

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