Carol Karuso Mysteries 

"This is a great mystery with excellent characters ."

"Carol Karuso is a terrific character." 

"The pace is fast, the characters complex."

--comments from readers
CAROL KARUSO is no stranger to bad breaks or dark secrets, but when there’s a knock on the door and a plea for help, she puts aside her blues and focuses on what she does best: finding the lost.
If you hunger for thrilling mysteries, especially those that include a beautiful, redheaded detective, with bad habits but a desire to do good, colorful characters, dark villains, and a big serving of murder and mayhem, you’ll find this trilogy particularly yummy.

Fans of the Matty Cruz Adventure series wanted to know what happened next in Couper, Washington after Matty left that city. Find out in this trilogy. 

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Carol Karuso has made more than her share of mistakes when it comes to picking the men in her life. When one of them, a shady womanizer from her recent past, disappears, she could care less. That is until her best friend guilts her into helping his daughter look for him. Will Carol's developing skills as an investigator be enough to find this lost Romeo before he becomes a dead one?

To keep her mind off her troubles and to do something useful with her life, Carol Karuso gets her private investigator’s license. When a friend asks her to find a woman who disappeared two decades ago, Carol agrees, sure this is the perfect way to hone her fledgling skills. As she doggedly chases every lead, she becomes fascinated by the mysterious woman she is looking for, whose history is even darker than her own.

Previously titled Fallen Angel.

Coming in 2019

Carol Karuso faces her hardest challenge yet. She'll need all the skills she's honed in her first two cases to track down a woman who swindled a helpless, old man out of his money. 

Matty Cruz Adventures

"I loved all the characters and the plots were awesome! Loved the series."

"This is a cozy mystery that is strong on suspense."

"This is a thrilling mystery and a bit of a character study to boot. I will gladly recommend it to all mystery lovers." 

--comments from readers  

WHEN her career crashes and burns, Matty Cruz is forced into early retirement. Beguiled by the peaceful and tree-filled scenery, she chooses Couper, Washington to be her new home. ​Pressed for time, she skipped her usual due diligence and finds out too late that the lovely town also has the highest violent crime rate in the state. Oops.

If you have a taste for cozy mystery series with a criminal edge, especially those told with a dash of humor and fun, and include a smart, brave heroine who must quickly reinvent herself—or else, a cute dog, quirky, colorful characters, and dark villains, you’ll love R. Marquez’s slightly skewed version of the Pacific Northwest. Read all six adventures now.
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The first three books are 99 cents each.

Boxset of the first three books.

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R. MARQUEZ resides in the Pacific Northwest, a place that inspired her to create the fictional, crime-ridden city of Couper, Washington, located across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. It's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

Though, she has finished the Matty Cruz Adventure series, she has continued to chronicle the lives of her Couperite characters in the Carol Karuso Mystery series.

R. Marquez’s short stories have been published in various magazines.

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